The Value Impact From Soft Washing Your Roof

When you think about washing your home, you rarely think about your roof. After all, nobody can see it. It’s like a case of out of sight, out of mind. However, while there might not be a lot of aesthetic value in washing your roof, roof maintenance is very important for structural reasons. Let the experts at DM Pressure Washing explain why.


Why Should You Wash Your Roof?


Moss, algae, mold, and mildew can build up on and among your roof shingles. What’s worse, these things grow over time and will slowly spread across your rooftop. Not only does this buildup look unpleasant, but also it can cause quite a bit of damage if you neglect it for too long. Moss and algae retain moisture that can weaken your roof over time. Your roof shingles will become soft and start to crumble and your roof paper will start to tear. Eventually, your roof can start to develop water leaks.


While typical dirt and grime won’t have the same compounding effect as algae and mold, it will make your roof dirtier and darker, which will attract more sunlight. This will not only raise your house’s temperature, but it will also prematurely age the structure.


Washing away dirt can also expose structural damage that you might not notice otherwise, like cracks or soft spots. This allows you to address these issues before they become serious.


Why Soft Wash Instead of Pressure Wash?


The key to an effective roof cleaning is a soft wash, a service we provide at DM Pressure Washing. While newer roofs may be able to withstand a power washing, older roofs, especially those with brittle tiles, can sustain damage under the pressure. The damage isn’t the only thing you have to worry about, either. Any bit of defacement caused by pressure washing will likely void your home’s warranty.


Soft washing involves widening the spray from the washer, lowering the pressure. This allows operators to clean in and around the tiles while minimizing any further damage. In some cases, our cleaners at DM Pressure Washing will use specially designed chemicals to help break down the mold and other contaminants.


When Should You Wash Your Roof?


Although it might seem counterintuitive, a good time to wash your roof is after a heavy storm. This is because stormy weather can lead to moss and mold, the very things you’re trying to avoid. If you live in a humid climate, these things can spread rapidly and cause significant damage in a short period. The earlier you address these issues, the better.


The key is to maintain, not repair. If you get professionals like DM Pressure Washing to service your roof regularly, you can successfully prevent the growth of damaging contaminants. If you don’t give them a chance to take hold and grow, you won’t have to worry about future structural damage. A home is an investment and soft washing your roof is a big part of keeping that investment healthy and valuable.

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