The Importance of Exterior Maintenance for Commercial Properties

First impressions are everything. The exterior appearance of your commercial property says a lot about how you run a business. From a simple glance, customers can tell how much pride you take in your work. A drab, uninviting environment can turn away all but the most desperate of customers. On the other hand, a well-maintained property can bring in customers who might otherwise not even consider your services. Curb appeal can make or break a business. DM Pressure Washing can help your business look its best in several ways.


When developing and maintaining an alluring aesthetic, eliminating unsightly elements is crucial. Dirty exteriors can drive customers away. Even the smallest blemish has a way of drawing the eye. Exterior maintenance doesn’t have to be expensive or even drastic. A simple power wash from a company like DM Pressure Washing can go a long way in breathing new life into a lackluster exterior. Show your clients that you care about every aspect of your business, right down to the ground they’re walking on.


On the topic of pathways, it doesn’t take long for concrete to become riddled with dirt, grime, and other contaminants that stem from both weather and constant foot traffic. Fortunately, we offer our commercial concrete cleaning service that can leave old surfaces looking like new.


Some buildings display brick rather than concrete, and while using brick can lead to some truly beautiful architecture, it’s also notorious for harboring mold and algae. These containments like to grow in cool, dark places and the various nooks and crannies between bricks suit them perfectly. In addition to looking unsightly, the mold can also damage the structural integrity of the bricks over time. The mold and algae retain water, which in turn leaves the bricks damp. Eventually, they’ll start to grow soft and crumble.


Due to its delicate nature, we strongly recommend leaving brick cleaning to the professionals. At DM Pressure Washing, we use soft wash nozzles and gentle degreasers that remove all that annoying mold and algae while not damaging the bricks themselves. Using a standard pressure washer on brick, especially brick that’s starting to crumble, can lead to severe damage. The last thing you want is for your brick surface to look worse than it did before you attempted to clean it.


The same goes for your building’s roof. The roof shingles can become brittle over time thanks to the same mold that can infest brickwork. Again, using a pressure washer or anything too rough can lead to disaster. DM Pressure Washing’s mixture of soft washing and delicate chemicals can leave your roof looking brand new while keeping all of the shingles intact.


So many businesses prioritize the interior of their properties when the exterior is the first thing that potential customers see. Regardless of how much effort you’ve put into your interior design, it won’t do any good if you can’t get the customer to walk through the door.

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